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United Airlines is a significant Airline of the United States, headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Consistently applaud for excellence in everything from passenger experience to customer service, operational performance to workplace culture, United Airlines operates over more than 400 destinations around the globe with an extensive presence in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. United Airlines is known for its excellent In-flight services and world-class amenities including from Customized meals of international standard, personal entertainment set to a high-quality skincare kit; it is the flag carrier of United States aviation industry.  To explore the unmatchable and luxurious cruising experience, you can login to United Airlines Official Website to book a ticket to your favourite destination.

Cabin Options of United Airlines-

United Airlines has wide range of cabin options, which lets you experience an amazing journey, around the globe . Below are the details of the airline’s service-classes-

United Polaris Business: a significant and luxury cabin class of United Airlines, United Polaris  is available on almost all the Boeing aircraft, such as Boeing 787, Boeing 767-400, Boeing 757-200 and select Boeing 777. The exceptional services such as priority in check-in through a separate counter, pre-departure beverages, and wide range of full course meals designed by renowned chefs are some extended features of United Polaris Business Class. Apart from that Polaris passengers are given priority in case of boarding and baggage handling. Apart from the above airport facilities, they can also access to United Polaris Lounge and partner airline lounges.

United First and United Business: it’s a first-class cabin option for  domestic flights passengers and considered business class on international flights to Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. The seats of this cabin feature leather cover, headrests, granite cocktail tables, and a table stand. Priority boarding, and baggage handling, pre-departure drinks, complimentary meals are some exclusive features of this class.

Economy Plus: This cabin is available on all the United Airlines aircraft. The seats are set up strategically in front rows and exit rows of the Economy cabin to provide better seating with extra leg-room. The services provided are complimentary meals and drinks along with in-flight personal entertainment set.

Economy:  Through economy class, United Airlines provide highly affordable cabin option to its passengers who want to save time of travel without caring for much comfort and class tag. On domestic flights and international flights to the Caribbean and Latin America, passengers of this cabin need to purchase meals and snacks; but on other international flights, meals and drinks are complimentary. Passengers can also avail pre-arrival meal facility on long-haul international flights.

United Airlines In-Flight Amenities-

Passengers with First Class tickets are offered spacious suits for extra comfort as well as In-flight personal cabin assistance.

  • United Airlines offer its customers First Class passengers also enjoy the incredibly comfortable seats that boast an ergonomic cushion.
  • Passengers with First Class tickets are offered spacious suits for extra comfort as well as In-flight personal cabin assistance
  • Passengers of United Airlines are provided with an amenities kit of super quality skin nourishment and hygiene items. The amenity kits that include socks, eyeglasses, an eye mask, earplugs, and breath mints.
  • The passengers of premium cabin class are offers with a high-quality entertainment set which possess personal large screen monitor and an audio set.
  • Passengers are offered complimentary meals, including beverages and drinks, depending on the class they are traveling.
  • Power sockets are available beside every seat for charging mobiles and laptops.
  • In-flights magazines are offered to the passengers on United Airlines Flights.
  • On-demand pillows and blanket are also available for the passengers.
  • United Wi-Fi is available for purchase on selected aircraft.

Hence, to experience a luxurious and lavish cruising experience onboard book a flight of United Airlines and enjoy an affluent journey around the globe.