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StockaWiki Investor Awareness Services

IA Services, Unlimited Press Releases, Social Media and Company Promotion


StockaWIki understands the special needs of new and existing Small & Micro-Cap companies. We provide our customers a solid and detailed investor awareness program including social media, targeted company content, press releases and outreach campaigns to investor groups and current shareholders.  The information below reflects an example of the Investor Awareness services that we offer. Each client will receive a consultation to review specific goals and needs in order to create a customized plan based on Stockawiki’s proven standards.

Example of Services Provided:

  • Stockawiki’s IA manager will work with each client, creating a unique road-map targeting client needs
  • Target company content to investor groups, including shareholders
  • Corporate Newsletter or Press-Kit distribution to Stockawiki subscribers.
  • Before, during and after market hours Twilio text distribution to shareholders and subscribers
  • Brand marketing strategy implementation
  • Social media marketing strategy implementation to build brand awareness
  • CEO company Interview and detailed banner placement on StockaWiki platform to keep investors informed of current news and updated company information
  • Unlimited press release distribution to & RSS Feed
  • Investor, media, broker, boutique brokerage email outreach campaigns

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